Event Name: Intermediate Skills & Intro To Jumping Instructor: Pro Leigh Donovan Date: November 17 Time 9:30-2:00 Cost $124 Clinic Only Max: 6 Riders Meet At: Compass Gate Bring: Mountain Bike and Helmet Clinic Details: This clinic will start with a short climb to the trail head of the day…once we finish a warm-up run on Arrow we will then head over to the skills zone to review some basic bike skills to help us better understand the best way at to jump, utilizing bike & body separation, the front wheel lift, and the bunny hop. Once we get through this we will head back over to the trail where you can grow your confidence on learning how to line-up a jump with the best speed to clear it; learning to master the approach, take-off, body position in the air, and landing of the jump! This clinic is for intermediate level riders that don’t know how to jump. This class is maxed out at 6 riders, so sign up early if you want a spot!!! Leigh works with riders from first timers to professional athletes, helping them find their strengths while giving them new tools to overcome their weaknesses. Clinics are centered around finding your best; from balance to over coming fears, Leigh will have you laughing and learning all at the same time. Come join Leigh…you won’t be disappointed!
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