WHIP OFF CONTEST PRESENTED BY SPANK & DVO SUSPENSION Style and skill will reign supreme at SkyPark’s first official Whip Off Contest presented by Spank and DVO Suspension. A new jump is being built for this special event! The rules to win are simple: go big, and throw your bike as sideways as possible, then bring it back underneath for a smooth landing. This event is sure to bring out our steeziest local riders! Who will earn this coveted SkyPark title??? HOW TO ENTER: Competitors need to check from 1:00 – 2:00 pm that day to receive a wrist band. Check-In is located on the patio behind The Pedal Pub Youth (ages 12-17, Male and Female) Adult (18+, Male and Female) Limited number of entries are available COURSE: New Jump designed for this special event! FORMAT AND JUDGING: Jam style. Riders will be eliminated based on the judges’ discretion during the competition. The judging panel will select a winner based on amplitude, style, degree of whip past 90 degrees and, most importantly, the return of the bike to a straight position down the fall line. PRIZE MONEY AND PRIZES: TBA SkyPark Event Pass + Brewery Tasting (4 Qty 5 Oz): $55 at the door $52 online Brewery Tasting for Annual Pass Holders (4 Qty 5 Oz): $10 brewery tasting only, at the door or online
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