-Terms and Conditions-

*The Monthly Installment Membership is $33/month and will be charged on an auto renewal basis.

* The renewal date will be the same date each month... (ex: If you start membership on 1/1 the membership will renew each month on the 1st if they start membership on 1/15 the membership will renew each month on the 15th).

* The card that is used initially to pay for the first month will be the card that is used for the auto renewal, but you can change that card at any time if you wish by giving admissions a call at 909-744-9373 ext. 200 and giving them the information for the new card you wish to use.

* When you initially purchase the membership, you will sign something that states you acknowledge that there is a 6-month minimum and cannot cancel membership in that first 6 months.

* After 6 months if you wish not to continue the membership you may cancel but must contact Admissions at 909-744-9373 ext.200 (and speak to an admissions representative) at least 5 days prior to the next scheduled payment.

* This Membership is only good for the duration that you continue to make the monthly payment, and if you cancel the payments, you are also canceling the membership and it will be no longer of use to enter the park.